Johan McGwire

Systems Engineer and Developer

Johan McGwire

Systems Engineer and Developer

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Hi, I'm Johan McGwire!

Systems Engineer and Developer

Graduate of The Ohio State University, Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in cyber security. I like to write code that solves peoples problems.



Work Experience


Staff Site Reliability Engineer, IT Operations - June 2020 - Present

Coinbase enabled me to delve fully into software development for the first time. I was able to construct multiple projects leveraging AWS to deploy server-full and server-less projects written in Golang to support many teams across the organization. All the while up leveling my fellow IT members by helping them design their projects with a code first mentality.

  • Built a macOS EC2 instance deployment pipeline for AutoPkg and retail application deployments
  • Enabled corporate reports with python Airflow ETLs for Jamf, Google, Okta, Jira, and Duo
  • Prototyped NanoMDM for device management with MongoDB open source contributions
  • Mentored IT members on converting their project requirements to implementable projects
  • Built a platform for terraform codification and application along with a Jamf terraform provider
  • Converted many human service desk processes to customer request-able automations
  • Delivered many golang projects, on server-full and server-less infra to complete various tasks


MacOS Engineer (Contractor), Corporate Information Technology - January 2020 - May 2020

Working for Leidos is the second opportunity to work for a US government contractor. Utilizing the knowledge from Battelle and working with a great macOS engineering team we were able to conduct a large scale device management modernization. This included a full migration to user driven deployments of their own new macOS devices in contrast to the established process of imaging a device at a corporate office.

  • Developed custom NoMAD Login code to allow for a seamless user transition from mobile accounts
  • Created single network service enforcement subsystem to satisfy NIST split tunneling/dual homing requirements
  • Created Privilege Rights Management subsystem and workflow to leverage existing account infrastructure and Jamf in a local account macOS environment while in accordance with NIST regulations
  • Overhauled machine provisioning and software installation workflow to utilize Jamf policies to standardize and utilize my Jamf Enrollment Kickstart workflow
  • Created new communication strategy and application to utilize the macOS notification center for customized corporate notifications
  • Documented traditional and new enrollment methodologies with high quality custom videos
  • Wrote knowledge base articles to smooth application deployments and educate customers on new functionalities
  • Experimented with proof of concept implementations of application blacklisting and whitelisting with Google Santa and multiple central managment servers

Denison University

Lead Systems Engineer, Information Technology Services - January 2019 - January 2020

Denison University is my first major role as the lead technical individual responsible for all endpoints at an organization. In this role I served as the primary and only tier 3 and infrastructure specialist for both the Windows and MacOS platforms at the university. During my time at the university so far I managed to accomplish the following major achievements:

  • Converted the Windows imaging process from classic monolithic imaging to a provisioning package and management agent based workflow
  • Refactored all Jamf policies to standardize and utilize my Jamf Enrollment Kickstart workflow
  • Enabled a single source of truth for all endpoint software deployment information and scoping for both the Windows and MacOS platforms
  • Written many API scripts to enable the standardization of information between Web Help Desk, Jamf, and ZCM
  • Performed many workflow enhancements to improve both the IT endpoint configuration and end user deployment experience
  • Reconstructed the Windows Update Services infrastructure environment

I also have the following primary responsibilities as the Lead Systems Engineer:

  • Serve as the primary administrator for ZenWorks Configuration Management (Windows)
  • Serve as the primary administrator for Jamf (MacOS)
  • Evaluate and prioritize all endpoint configuration projects
  • Contribute to student employees daily planning and project priorities
  • Provide endpoint technical insight to other IT projects

Battelle Memorial Institute

IT Coordinator, Corporate Information and Technology - June 2018 - January 2019

As an IT Coordinator I joined Battelle's team as a full-time employee. With the new position I extended my reach into the Windows realm of Battelle and assumed the responsibility of serving as the backup SCCM administrator for all workstations. Some of my extended responsibilities are listed below:

  • Maintain and manage Battelle’s external and internal Jamf infrastructure
  • Construct and maintain SCCM deployments of internal applications
  • Serve as the backup SCCM administrator for Battelle and primary for all Apple systems
  • Administer Active Directory and maintain workstation Group Policy configurations
  • Experimented with Windows AutoPilot in both user and machine driven scenarios
  • Administer Intune and review all possible endpoint management integrations into Azure
  • Continued to build upon all constructed systems and responsibilities from my internship

Battelle Memorial Institute

Intern, Corporate Information and Technology - June 2016 - June 2018

Battelle Memorial Institute was my first experience in the corporate side of Information Technology. During this time I have been exposed to many different technologies as well have worked on many different projects. Some of these projects are listed below:

  • Updated the VBScript login script to give updated real-time user login data
  • Analyzed old group policies and crafted updated, cleaner domain wide group polices that would not interfere with the Windows 10 roll-out
  • Configured Window 7 Upgrade analytics and corporate telemetry for the entire domain
  • Wrote PowerShell script with Azure user and group queries to assign and recover Microsoft Office licenses based on that users group memberships
  • Wrote PowerShell based script to configure YubiKeys (smart-cards) for both Mac and Windows with domain user certificates for Multi-factor Authentication
  • Appraised multiple macOS management services and developed requirements to do so
  • Currently in the process of implementing multi-layered macOS management levels through Jamf to support Macs for the entire enterprise

Developing the Mac support infrastructure for Battelle is currently what I am working on. Some of the hurdles I have resolved or are working on are listed:

  • Configured 802.1X Computer domain membership based networking
  • Re-configured 802.1X NPS server policies to enable Mac connectivity
  • Implemented touch-less Mac deployment utilizing Apples DEP program and Jamf
  • Developed multiple access and security levels to fulfill DFARS requirements on Mac
  • Started from scratch on an macOS self service application delivery inventory
  • Developed 150+ Jamf policies to properly configure Macs and provide full self-service functionality
  • Developing scripts to enable the user to complete basic and routine administrator tasks via self-service
  • Talking with current unsupported Mac users to gather input on how to better improve the program


Bachelors of Computer Science and Engineering

The Ohio State University - Graduation May 2018

Graduate of The Ohio State University with Dean's list recognition. As I continue my work at Battelle, my education has shown itself to assist me in better understanding the technical and political challenges that businesses face. As well as develop and improve the tools to best help me complete my system administration tasks to their highest effectiveness.

Specialization in Networking and Security

The Ohio State University - Graduation May 2018

Businesses now face more sophisticated attacks to their central infrastructure than ever before. Understanding how these security breaches take place, as well as how to execute them gives me the ability to formulate solutions for businesses to mitigate these attacks. Not all infrastructure attacks though are in the form of network breaches, sometimes they are simply human error or relaxed polices. My nearly 7 years of IT experience as well as this specialization have allowed me to better find and resolve flaws in corporate policy that allow these attacks to be successful.



  • Jamf 200 - Jamf Certified Technician
  • Jamf 300 - Jamf Certified Administrator

NoMAD Login - Jamf (Orchard & Grove)

NoMAD Login is an open source application that serves as a replacement for binding a device to Active Directory while providing all functionality and more, without the need for a traditional bind. It uses multiple login window mechanisms written in Swift.

I worked on a majority of the NoMAD Login 1.4 release which included major SecureToken support for FileVault as well as many quality of life improvements for macOS administrator around the world.



Gitlab - NoMAD Login


Swift and Objective-C

Authchanger - Jamf (Orchard & Grove)

Authchanger was originally written by Joel Rennich for usage with NoMAD Login in modifying the authorization database within MacOS. This database handles all authentication rules for the common user interface workflows. At version 1.2.1 of authchanger I noticed that the current state of the project was beginning to expand outside of the capabilities or a single file swift cli application. Therefore I preformed the first and so far only major refactor of the application in order to spread some of the common function and dictionaries into multiple files. This application is currently in the shipping bundles of Jamf Connect and NoMAD Login.


Gitlab - Authchanger



Jamf Enrollment Kickstart - Personal Jamf Workflow

The Jamf Enrollment Kickstart was developed as a more reliable way of triggering and maintaining an initial configuration of a machine in a known order, network, and login state on a machine. After an initial implementation with fantastic success at own organization I documented the workflow and published it for use by the MacAdmins community.


Github Repo Wiki


Github - Jamf Enrollment Kickstart


Bash and XML

Automatic Secure Token Granting - Personal Jamf Workflow

With the Apple implementation of giving SecureTokens to accounts that do not have them, it requires the user to enter the credentials to the SecureToken enabled administrator account. This is obviously something that a system administrator would not want a user to know or do. Therefore we need a way of placing the SecureToken environment into a known state with known credentials be used in an automatically trigged method for assigning the user a SecureToken. Then reporting on that success.


Github Repo Wiki


GitHiub - Automatic Secure Token Granting


Bash and AppleScript


Information Technology

  • Software Development
    • Golang
    • Python
    • Swift
    • AWS
    • MongoDB
    • Googling Stuff
  • Professional Skills
    • Professional Presentations and Public Speaking
    • Project Management
    • Product Investigation and Appraisal
    • Documentation
    • Video Editing and Creation
  • Device Management Technologies
    • Jamf
    • SCCM
    • Intune
    • Azure AD
    • Group Policy
    • Active Directory
    • Azure Active Directory
    • PowerShell
    • VB Script
    • Imaging
    • Service Now
    • Electronic Repair and Micro-soldering

Information Security Experience

  • Information Security Projects
    • Host Hardening
    • Network Security and Attacking
    • Capture The Flag
    • Forensic Investigations
  • Information Security Methodology
    • Cost benefit analyses of security implementations
    • Threats and Attacks
    • Risk Management
    • Security Policy Creation
  • Technologies
    • Wireshark
    • IDA Pro
    • Splunk
    • Nessus
    • Carbon Black


Greater Columbus Rowing Association

Equipment Chair - Feb 2019 - Present

As a continuation of my rowing career after college I joined Greater Columbus Rowing Association (GCRA). Shortly afterwards I was elected to serve as the equipment chair for the club. In this role I serve as the primary contact for the following:

  • All boat repairs
  • All boat purchases
  • All major boat availability scheduling
  • All supplemental equipment purchases

The Ohio State Crew Club

Boatman and Safety Officer- Aug 2016 - May 2018

Throughout my college and working career I have been deeply involved in the rowing teams made available to me. The Ohio State Crew, being a student run and student funded organization has given me the ability to give back to my team in the form of helping to maintain the safety of the team as the elected safety officer. As well I have been performing the duties as the boatman of the team. These duties include maintaining and fixing the broken rowing shell, ensuring the boat transport trailer is in good working condition, and many other tasks that come up daily. As part of being the teams boatman I have to manage these repair projects between team members ensuring that they maintain on schedule so that other members do not lose their ability to row, but I also must manage my own time as all boat repairs must be made when there is time. This boatman position has given me the ability to carefully manage project time-lines and accurately estimate repair costs to be budgeted by the team.


Nothing is better to help relax after a long day than a nice book. My personal favorite authors include Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, and John Flanagan. My favorite book currently is Relic By: Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.


While getting takeout is nice to have every now and then, it is a nice comfort to make a truly homemade meal. I am teaching myself how to cook currently and can already make a pretty good pasta sauce if I may say so myself.

Thank You!

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

Carl Sagan